Transferring Out of New Brunswick

Follow this process if you are leaving NB or wish to obtain an LPN license in another jurisdiction

Before Getting Started...

When you are applying for licensure in another jurisdiction, you are essentially obtaining an additional license, you do not lose your NB license. You may have licenses in several jurisdictions simultaneously as long as you are paying licensing fees for each one.

When an LPN member is leaving the province, ANBLPN’s role is to provide the destination jurisdiction with complete information regarding your registration status and good standing. This documentation is requested by the member and sent directly to the destination jurisdiction by ANBLPN as a Verification of Registration.

We are a small staff so the timeline for this process can vary depending on the current volume of applicants however, we do our best to ensure that documents are forwarded to destination jurisdictions in a timely manner. Generally, the process can be completed within 5-7 business days after payment is received – with the exemption of during the license renewal period (Oct 1 – Nov 30) and holidays. 

The processing fees are payable through your member account and are as follows:

  • $23.00 – Transferring to another Canadian province
  • $57.50 – Transferring outside of Canada

Get Started!

STEP 1 - Verification of Registration

When you apply to transfer your license to another jurisdiction, you will need to provide them with verification of registration(s) you hold/have held in other jurisdictions to verify your status and good standing. 

  1. Go to the destination jurisdiction’s website and search for the [Verification of Registration] form.
  2. Complete and sign the first section of the form
  3. Email the completed and signed form to
    You may send a scan or picture of the form, as long as we can read it.
Step 2 - Processing Fee

Processing Fee: $23 (transferring within Canada) OR $57.50 (transferring outside of Canada)

  • Once we receive the completed/signed form, we will invoice your ANBLPN account for the processing fee
  • The invoice for the processing fee will be in the [My Invoices] section of your ANBLPN account homepage and can be paid online.
STEP 3 - Processing and Confirmation
  • After payment is received, we will process your verification of registration form
  • The completed form will be sent directly to the destination jurisdiction’s LPN college/association
  • Once the form is sent, you will receive a confirmation email from ANBLPN
Your NB License While You Are Out of Province

If you are working as an LPN in another jurisdiction, it is not required that you renew your NB license while you are out of province. If you return to NB, you will apply to reinstate your license through your ANBLPN account.

At that time you will be required to provide:

  1. Verification of registration from the other jurisdiction(s)
  2. Verification of practice hours from your employer(s) to confirm the 1000 practice hours minimum requirement

When you transfer your license to another jurisdiction, your NB LPN license is still valid until its expiry date, which is normally November 30. You may hold licenses in more than one jurisdiction as long as you maintain membership fees in any jurisdictions you are working in.