Jurisprudence Learning Module

What is Nursing Jurisprudence?

Nursing Jurisprudence is the application and interpretation of the principles of law or legal rules as they relate to the practice of nursing. Increasing the awareness and understanding of how various other laws impact nursing standards will support LPNs to practice within the boundaries of legislation and this can ultimately lead to greater client safety. LPNs who are prepared with knowledge of their regulatory environments and processes relevant to health care can better understand concepts of safe nursing practice. Ultimately, the jurisprudence learning module supports the Association to meet its objective of public protection.

Why do I have to complete the Jurisprudence Module?

Completion of the Nursing Jurisprudence module became mandatory for all ANBLPN members and candidates in 2017.

ANBLPN has created a reference guide that will provide you with valuable information regarding nursing jurisprudence in New Brunswick. When you are answering the questions, you may click to refer to a certain page that contains the answer to the question or refer to the reference guide you have printed off.

There is no way to fail the module. Our intent is to provide relevant information to you and to test your knowledge to ensure you understand this information. Feel free to refer to the reference guide as many times as you wish while completing the exam.



  • Format: The Jurisprudence module is self-paced for you to complete independently at your convenience.
  • Starting the Module: Click the [Start the Module] button
  • Exam: Once you review the module, you may purchase the exam through your ANBLPN account.
    • The exam requires a 100% pass mark
    • You may reference the learning module at any time during the exam
  • Certificate: Upon successful completion of the exam, a certificate will be generated and uploaded into the [My Documents] section of your account
  • Log into your ANBLPN account
  • In the [Register for an Exam] section, click on the [+] to the right of the Jurisprudence exam
  • Click [Register] to continue to the payment screen
  • The exam is $40 tax included
  • Enter your credit card/Visa-debit information on the payment screen to complete your payment
  • Once paid, the exam will appear with “Pending” status in the [My Exams] section of your account.
  • You can begin the exam when you are ready.
  • Criteria: To receive your certificate of completion you must:
    • review the module
    • purchase the exam
    • complete the exam with a score of 100%
  • Accessing your certificate: Your certificate will be automatically generated and uploaded into the [My Documents] section of your account. You may download or print it from there.