Educational Modules

Self-Paced Educational Modules - Available to Purchase

  • Format: These modules are self-paced for you to complete independently at your convenience
  • Starting a Module: Select a module to work on by clicking the [Start the Module] button below the module name. There is no cost to review a module however, in order for a certificate of completion to be issued, the exam must be purchased and passed.
  • Exam: Once you review the module, you may purchase the exam through your ABNLPN account
    • The modules require a 75% pass mark
    • You are granted 3 attempts to achieve the pass mark
  • Certificate: Upon successful completion of the exam, a certificate will be generated and uploaded into the [My Documents] section of your account
  • CCP: If you are using a module as a CCP item, remember to fill in your record of learning once you complete the module

Note: These modules are NOT mandatory. All members have the option on their account homepage to purchase the exam however, you are no obligated to do so.

  • Log into your ANBLPN account
  • In the [My Exams] section, click on the “+” sign to the right of the exam you would like to purchase
  • Exams are $50 + tax ($57.50)
  • Enter your credit card/Visa-debit information on the payment screen to complete your payment
  • Once paid, the exam will be marked “Pending” as its status.
  • When you are ready to begin the exam, click the pencil icon to the right of the “Pending” status. 
  • The exam cannot be paused. If you leave the exam once you have started it, the timer will continue to count down. 

If you are unsuccessful on your first attempt:

  • You will need to wait 24hrs before the exam is available for a second attempt, and again for a third attempt. 
  • After 24hrs, the exam option will reappear in the “Register for an Exam” section, where it was originally purchased. 
  • Repeat the same process as when you originally purchased the exam. On the second and third attempts, the invoice generated will be for $0. 
  • The exam will again be marked “Pending“. You can start the exam when you are ready to do so.
  • Criteria: To receive your certificate of completion you must:
    • review the chosen module
    • purchase the exam
    • complete the exam with a minimum score of 75% 
  • Accessing your Certificate: Your certificate will be automatically generated and uploaded into the [My Documents] section of your account. You may download or print it from there.

Other Educational Opportunities

Note: These modules are NOT tracked by the ANBLPN. It is YOUR responsibility to keep a copy of any certificates generated upon completion of these modules.

LPN Rehabilitation Course

Beacon Clinical Group
In Progress

Code of Ethics

Canadian Council for Practical Nurse Regulators (CCPNR)