Annual License Renewal (Oct 1 - Nov 30)

An active NB LPN license is required in order to practice in the province.
Members are responsible to renew their license on time to avoid penalties 
About Your License

NB LPN licensure year
December 1 to November 30

When to Renew
October 1 to November 30

License Fees (Oct. 1 – Nov. 30)

Late Renewal Fees (Dec. 1 – 31)

Lapsed License Fees (After Dec. 31)

License and Receipt
Your license and tax receipt can be found under [Registration] on the homepage of your account.

Prepay Your License
ANBLPN offers the option of pre-authorized debits to prepay your license for the following year. Just go to the [Sign up for PAD] tab in your account. 
See the PAD document in the [Resources] section above for more details.


Some renewals may be auto-approved however, there are some factors that require manual review and approval. Below is a list of some of the common ones:

  • Change of employer
  • Profile updates such as name changes
  • Answering no to CCP, or items in the declarations section
  • Unpaid invoice(s)

During renewal, we do our best to review renewal submissions several times per day however, we cannot guarantee that renewals will be approved the same day. This is why it is important to complete your renewal as soon as possible once the renewal period opens on October 1.

Yes. All members must complete their renewal form online. If you are on payroll deduction with your employer, the payment can only be applied once your renewal has been submitted.

If you signed up for PAD, you may have a balance owing when you complete your renewal if any of your payments did not go through or if you signed up after January. 
You will just need to pay the balance owing before your license becomes active. 
Note: To minimize bank charges, PAD subscriptions are cancelled if 2 consecutive payments do not go through.
It is each member’s responsibility to enter their banking information accurately when signing up for PAD. 
See our PAD document for more information.

Yes. Members who have paid their license fees through payroll deduction or preauthorized debit but have renewed as non-practicing will be refunded the balance of their fees. Refunds are processed in December, once the renewal period has closed. We are unable to hold funds in member accounts to be applied the following year. 

No. If you are planning to renew a practicing license next year, you may continue your preauthorized debits so the funds will be available when you renew your active license.

Renewals must be completed online through your member account. ANBLPN staff can answer questions regarding your renewal however, we are not able to complete it for you however, we have a great step-by-step video (see the [Resources] section above) to help you complete your renewal.

We do our best to assist our 4000 members however, we are a small staff and are not always able to assist everyone immediately and encourage members to refer to the many resources on the website.

Because we are a small staff and renewal is very busy, we cannot guarantee that we will be available to assist walk-ins. Please call or email instead of traveling to the office. 

If you do arrive at the office, you will still need to complete your renewal online and will need access to your email. We are not able to do your renewal for you whether on the phone or in person.

Which Renewal Option Should You Choose?

Review the options below to decide which license status is appropriate for your situation for the upcoming year (Dec 1 – Nov 30), then log into your account to complete your renewal.

ACTIVE - $350

Choose this option if you will be working as an LPN in NB for any amount of time on or after December 1st.

  • Fee: $350
  • Valid: December 1 to November 30
  • Specifications: Minimum 1000 practice hours accumulated over most recent 5 years. An active license cannot be changed to Non-Practicing during the year.


Choose this option if you will temporarily not be working as an LPN in NB on or after December 1 AND there will be a significant break in your employment (ex. taking leave).

  • Fee: $40.25
  • Valid: December 1 to November 30 (with option to reinstate to active)
  • Specifications: Minimum 1000 practice hours accumulated over the most recent 5 years to be eligible to reinstate*. Verification of hours may be required from your employer(s).
    *If you are a recent graduate your are credited with 1000 hours that you are to earn over the 5 years post-graduation. You may still apply to reinstate with less than 1000 practice hours.

Common Times to Renew as Non-Practicing

  • Maternity/Paternity Leave – If you are/will be on parental leave on or before December 1, returning to work on/after June 1
  • Sick Leave – If you are/will be on sick leave on or before December 1, returning to work on/after June 1
  • Retirement – If you will be retiring before December 1, it is recommended that you renew as non-practicing for at least 1 year. This option makes it easier and less costly to reinstate should you choose to go back to work part-time, etc. 
  • Other Educational leave, potential career change

When a Non-Practicing License Makes Sense
Because license fees are prorated beginning in June, renewing as Non-Practicing becomes beneficial if you are returning to work (reinstating) during/after June.

Refer to the table below to determine if renewing as non-practicing will be beneficial for your situation.

Reinstatement Approval Date License Fees Savings
December 1 - May 31
June 1 - August 31
September 1 - 30 *see note below

When to Begin the Reinstatement Process (Non-Practicing to Active)
Reinstatements are not immediately effective when applications are submitted; they must be approved before you are able to pay for your active license.

Please complete your reinstatement at least 2 weeks before your anticipated start date to allow time for processing.

*September 1-30 – If you will be returning to work in October or November, you must complete your reinstatement by September 30, BEFORE completing your renewal.

*See Reinstatement page for details on the reinstatement process.


WITH CAUTION if you will not be working as an LPN in NB, temporarily or permanently, on or after December 1. (see acceptable reasons below)

Acceptable Reasons for Not Renewing Your License

  • Working as an LPN in another province – If you are or will be working as an LPN in another province and there is no significant break in your practice, you do not need to renew your NB license for the time being. If/when you return to NB, you will apply to reinstate your license and provide Verification of Registration and Verification of Hours from the other province(s).
  • Retirement – If you have retired, currently hold a Non-Practicing license, and have determined with certainty that you will not be returning to work. 
  • Becoming an RN – If you became an RN you are not permitted to hold both an LPN and RN license.
    Please let us know when you become an RN so we can adjust your account status.

Forgetting to renew is NOT an acceptable reason for not renewing your license and will result in penalties. 
Refer to the table below for details on the financial impact of late renewal without valid reason.

Renewal Date Active License Fees Penalties Total
October 1 - November 30
December 1 - 31
After December 31

*See Reinstatement page for more details on the reinstatement process.