What is a Complaint?

A complaint is any report or allegation regarding the conduct, competence or health of a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). Any person, including an employer, supervisor, co-worker, health care professional, or member of the public, such as a patient or family member, may make a complaint to the Registrar of the Association of New Brunswick Licensed Practical Nurses.

Complaints must be made to the Association in writing and should include the LPN’s name and address.

Types of complaints

Complaints made to the Association are usually serious and include concerns such as:

  • breaching client confidentiality;
  • theft;
  • failing to provide adequate care;
  • practising without current registration;
  • asking for or accepting money from a client;
  • participating in a sexual or romantic relationship with a client;
  • verbally, sexually, or physically abusing a client;
  • handling a client in a rough or aggressive manner; and
  • unsafe medication administration.

Purpose of the complaints process

The complaints process improves the practice of LPNs in New Brunswick and protects the public. Its purpose is to give LPNs the ability to demonstrate accountability for their practice and provides concerned parties the opportunity to work with the Association to resolve complaints.